EHV Cabling – 400KV, 220KV, 132KV, 33KV.

HV Cabling – 11KV, 6KV.

Brief Scope of Activities
  • Route survey to finalise exact cable routes, drum wise cable length, road crossing by HDD method, cable bridge , details of number of HDPE pipe required for crossing, joint bay location etc.
  • Preparation of drawings and documents for customer's approval inclusive of preparation of assignment drawings.
  • Receiving of material like cable drum from customer's stores and transportation to site location.
  • Unloading and shifting by crane & tailor, excavation & backfilling in mechanized method, cable laying by electrical winch and fixing cable roller as per site condition, horizontal directional drilling for laying of HDPE pipe upto 22” where open trench in not possible, erection of tower structure, gantry and associated equipment at termination end, assistance in testing, commissioning & performance test.
  • Co-ordination, progress review, progress monitoring and progress reporting.


AIS - 765KV, 400KV, 220KV, 132KV.

HVDC – UHVDC, 6000 MW, 800KV.

GIS – 420KV, 220KV, 132KV, 33KV.


Brief Scope of Activities
  • Receiving, unloading of all materials at store.
  • Installation of all equipment like Breaker, Isolator, CT, PT, Resistors, Capacitor, thyristors etc.
  • Installation of power transformer and its accessories.
  • Laying of earth mat and earthing of equipment.
  • Stringing work and fixing of OH equipment, clamps connector etc.
  • Aluminium Bus bar Pipe wielding and its erection.
  • Laying and termination of power cable / Control cable.
  • Fixing of PLCC, SCADA, and its associated items.
  • Installation of Panel – Relay/Control/Desk.
  • Testing & Commissioning through channel partner and its assistance.


Building - Control Room Building, Staff Quarter, DG Room, Pump House, Koisk. Foundation – Transformer Foundation, Equipment Foundation, Tower Foundation. Other Civil Work – Road, Cable Trench, Boundary Wall and Finishing Work.

Brief Scope of Activities
  • Survey of land from Basic data.
  • Land filling with soil, ash, morom, with compaction etc.
  • Soil Test for Civil design, dry density test.
  • Design of substation as per client specification for civil work and structural work through our tie up consultant with detail drawing for substation building/ cable trench/ civil foundation.
  • Construction of complete structural foundation with PCC, RCC work as per drawing with shuttering and pouring of concrete by mechanized method.
  • Fixing of door, window, plumbing, and sanitary work, fixing of tiles etc.
  • Construction of road, drain, gates and finishing work.


Sector – Steel Plants, Power Plant, Fertiliser & Chemical Plant, Port, Railways and Refineries.

Brief Scope of Activities
  • Installation of electrical equipment for Raw material handling plant including stacker, reclaimer complete.
  • Installation of equipment like motor/switchboard/PCC/MCC control desk, with all associated cable and earthing.
  • Installation balance of electrical for Blast furnace, Rolling mills, Sinter plant, Coke oven etc.
  • Balance of electric for Power plant like cable laying, panel erection, motor, earthing, Tray work etc complete.


Underground OFC laying and Termination.

Brief Scope of Activities
  • Aerial Cabling.
  • Construction of Repeater / Regenerator.
  • Link testing.
  • Design, Supply & Installation of Optical Network Management System.
  • Integrated GIS Brand Optical Fiber Network Management System.
  • Fiber Intrusion System, Remote test equipment to monitor live fiber.